Star Wars Twistheads AR

Star Wars Twistheads AR cover

Platform: iOS/Android

Role: Game Designer, Sound Designer, Project Manager

This is a game that was created for the launch of the Star Wars Twistheads inside the Kinder Surprise Egg.

It is a game that uses the Augmented Reality technology to bring the surprises to life.

The player needs to frame two character cards (that can be found & printed online) in order to make the characters appear.

By touching both the characters the duel will start and the player will see a different attack animation for each character. When the animation is over a random number will appear over each character’s head and the character with the highest number will be the winner (this “random” mechanic is the same in the real toys).

The game features 10 different characters from the Star Wars universe and two different environments (Tatooine and the Death Star).