Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf

Platform: iOS/Android

Role: Game Designer

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf is an enhanced gamebook with nonlinear choices, 3D graphics and a full-fledged combat system.

On this project I worked on the design of the “Lockpicking” minigame, creating the design documentation and following the development from prototype to the final version.

In the final stages of the Act 1 and for the following acts, I took on the “Gamebook” part of the game where I worked on:

  • The book session flow (both for gaming and monetization)
  • Analyzing and revising the UI and the interactions
  • The storyline, together with the Narrative Designer
  • Keeping up to date the documentation
  • Managing and prioritizing bug-list

I was also in charge of the Steam porting “Remastered HD edition” for PC and Mac where I took care of:

  • Adaptation of controls for mouse and keyboard
  • Designed new GUI elements
  • Designed new sections (artworks, models and environments galleries)
  • Integration of Steamworks

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