Animals’ Boat for Toddlers

Animals Boat for Toddlers cover

Platform: iOS/Android

Role: Game Designer, Game Developer, Sound Designer, Project Manager

This is my first “commercial” game. It’s an interactive, playful version of Noah’s Ark for kids from 1 to 5 years old.

The player has a side view of the Ark, with portholes showing the eyes of hidden animals; by tapping on the portholes the hidden animal will pop-out with a brief animation (code-made with tweens) and a sound effect. There are also other interactive items and some hidden animations.

The game has 3 different levels (the ark, the rooftop and the underwater world).

It started as an experiment but ended as a “huge” success and keeps going! It is featured on the Corona SDK website, collected mostly positive reviews and got around 250.000 downloads.

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